Steven Vitali and Grace Yang Vitali A Celebrity Couple to Remember.

Steven Viali wins 'BEST INSTRUMENTAL' 2018 - MGM Records Hollywood. Steven Viali in concert 2019.  Celebrity Autographs.

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Steven Vitali VIVA la ASIAN DANCER HMMA - Hollywood Music In Media Awards - Best Instrumental 2018.

VIVA la ASIAN DANCER - Nominated for, "BEST CONTEMPORARY INSTRUMENTAL" 2018 - November 14, 2018 - Steven Vitali wins global Hollywood Music In Media Award for, "BEST INSTRUMENTAL"  2018.

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Offical Steven Vitali Hollywood Music In Media Nomination - Best Instrumental 2018

Steven Vitali Official Nomination 2018 
Hollywood Music In Media Awards 2018 HMMA

HMMA has established itself as the precursor event for accurately  recognizing, predicting and selecting nominees and winners months prior  to other award programs such as Golden Globes™, Emmys™, Grammys™ and  Oscars™.

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After an estimated 30 years of signing on  with Warner/Chappell Music, Enigma/Captiol Steven Vitali receives two  Hollywood Nominations. One for Song/Score Trailer - "The Jewels of the Salton Sea" and the other for his new Hit song, “Viva la Asian Dancer.”  Says Vitali. “It is a  young boy’s dream come true, and I have to pinch  myself. When I found out I think I screamed for joy and then the tears  were many. It is a celebration not just for me but for all of the people  that helped me get to where I am today. And to everyone who always  believed in me, these nominations I share with them. What a feeling it  is...and then to win. A heartfelt thank you to the Hollywood Music In Media Awards."

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Steven Vitali, Grace Yang Vitali, Married 2018 - Hollywood's New Celebrity Couple.


Hollywood's new HOT Celebrity Couple - Couple first meets at Warner Bros. Studio Hollywood, In Los Angeles - Later falls in love.  Now Married 2 years later.

Sharring the big news

Artist/Score Composer/Arranger/Actor/Writer/Director STEVEN VITALI TIED THE KNOT IN CALIFORNIA TO STARLET MODEL/FILM PRODUCER/ACTRESS GRACE YANG, in a  private wedding, secluded in California. The HONEYMOON OUT TO SEA….

Now the married couple is working on several films slated for release this year and 2019. Vitali says his new bride is his point of inspiration these days tells Hollywood Reporter that his recent  success is made possible thanks to Producer Grace Yang, for recognizing  his talents. Now Grace Yang Vitali speaks out about her husbands life and his rare talents that she brings into not just the American and  European market, but into China. “Asians love my husbands music, he is a  walking miracle of talent and both this year and next year, his new music both vocals, and instrumentals will be released, along with  several films. And much to my surprise he is the best film Director I have ever worked with.” 


Steven Vitali teams up with Hollywood Star MICHAEL MADSEN in the full length feature documentary, “THE JEWELS OF THE SALTON SEA”… Hollywood Dark Castle Film Production released the first teaser trailer. 

THE JEWELS OF THE SALTON SEA is a Vitali Film both Written and Directed by Steven Vitali.  The full length feature Documentary is COMING SOON 2019.

The feature documentary is also musically scored by Steven Vitali. The music score will be released through MGM RECORDS HOLLYWOOD.


Trailer - The Jewels of the Salton Sea

Starring Actor/Narrator/Poet/Producer/Photographer - Michael Madsen 

Model/Actress/Producer - Grace Yang Vitali

Directed by Steven Vitali

Score by Steven Vitali 






About Steven vitali and grace yang vitali

Steven Vitali In Los Angeles, California

Steven Vitali and Grace Yang Vitali in Los Angeles = The Avalon Nightclub.

Steven Vitali and his wife Grace Yang Vitali attend the Hollywood Music In Media Awards on November 14, 2018.  They both share this moment together with friends.   The HMMA's were held at the Avalon which is a historic nightclub in Hollywood, California. It  has previously been known as The Hollywood Playhouse, The WPA Federal  Theatre, El Capitan Theatre, The Jerry Lewis Theatre, The Hollywood  Palace and The Palace.

Through a love of music and a passion for creating Steven Vitali never gave up!

What Inspires Us

VIVA la Asian Dancer was co-produced by Steven Vitali's new wife.  A song dedicated to Steven's wife. Steven Vitali - "we love to dance and often we find ourselves heading to a dance club and or dancing in our living room." 

Despite sharing many of the same interests and pastimes, they both are inspired by different things that lead them to work seamlessly in a creative setting. Grace was instrumental in getting Steven Vitali to Hollywood, where they met up first at Warner Bros. In Burbank, California at a film screening. 

A 30 year over night success! His Influences

Steven Vitali and Grace Yang Vitali holding his HMMA Award for Best Instrumental 2018. Red Carpet.

Steven Vitali's music is known for its  richness of invention and development. As an inventor of compositions, he seems to be inexhaustible. Vitali's music springs directly from his  everyday experiences of life. He is influenced by the inspiration he receives from his family, friends and fans around the world. His works have a complex musical  personality and are full of dramatic tensions not far below the music's  seductive surface. 

With many solo albums to his credit, Vitali continues  to influence a wide range of contemporary musicians.  

Vitali Breaks Chart Records!

MGM Records Hollywood’s GOLDEN DISK, "Greatest Hits Vol. 2" by Steven Vitali is not  just fast charting but his album breaks chart records at CKUW’s 95.9  FM’s, Shades of Classics, and in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Topping the charts at #1 for over 20 weeks. The only  other to come close was, "Secret Garden" an Irish-Norwegian band  specialized in new instrumental music. While Vitali  says, “Now that is good company”… Thanks John Iverson.

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Album - Steven VItali Greatest Hits Vol.2

MGM Records Hollywood - Since Vitali first came on the scene with his chart topping debut album, he continues to capture audiences around the globe with his haunting,  heartfelt, compelling and inspiring melodies and arrangements. His music truly tells a story. He is noted as a musical genius, in both invention  of sound and composition. This new 'Steven Vitali Greatest Hits Vol. 2'  album is a collection of instrumentals that have captured the charts  resonating throughout time a lasting positive effect with audiences  throughout the years”.


Album - Steven Vitali Language of the Soul

Language Of The Soul, with it's brilliant rhythms and lilting tempo, Steven's music can calm the soul and stir the senses.


By Music and Media Focus

Steven Vitali is an internationally recognized award-winning composer,  arranger, and lyricist for film, theater, television, radio, records,  and more, with over 2000 melodies and arrangements to his credit.  Although his recordings are often found in the new age genre, Steven is  hesitant to label it as that and sees it more as "theme music." Right  from the start on the opening track, Steven's extensive experience as a  film composer makes its presence felt. There is a cinematic feel to this  piece that could easily be on a movie soundtrack.

Traces of the  Orient are heard on an evocative piece entitled "A Sign Of The Dragon,"  which incorporates gongs, temple bells, erhu, koto, flute, and  percussive elements into a lush symphonic arrangement that is quite  stately and beautiful.

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Continued - Review Language of the Soul

 Similarly symphonic, yet revealing a more  sensitive side is the lovely "Forever Germaine," with it's lofty vocal  choirs soaring over rich strings and horn section. Steven's piano work  is particularly brilliant as he steps into the spotlight with it briefly  mid-song displaying his impressive skills. The sounds of wind and  waves, rain and thunder set the stage on "Soul And The Senses" - a nice  touch. The range of his music is impressive, even from one song to the  next, such as the rousing anthemic "Tomorrow Starts Here" which sounds  like it could be theme music for the Olympics, to the lofty "My Father  My Prayer" with its harps and angelic choirs.

One of Steven's  most outstanding musical qualities is his masterful blending of diverse  elements. The electronic drum tracks are very contemporary sounding, and  sometimes not what you might expect in the context of music with new  age, pop, and classical influences, but they always work and showcase a  unique musical personality. 

Steven's abilities in composition,  arranging, and orchestration are absolutely first rate, as are his  skills as an instrumentalist. While his style is his own, as a point of  reference, I'd venture to say that listeners who enjoy works of Yanni,  and particularly Vangelis, will find a lot to like in the music of  Steven Vitali and his "Language Of The Soul" release.

Album - Steven Vitali Symphony of Heroes

Steven Vitali Symphony of Heroes - Dedicated to Celine Dion and The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. 


Now available Steven Vitali's album, "Symphony of Heroes"....Dedicated to Celine Dion and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Steven Vitali Supports the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. 

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Album - Steven Vitali Quiet Moments

Now available Steven Vitali's chart topping album, "QUIET MOMENTS."

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Single - Steven Vitali Pssion

Now available Steven Vitali's, "PASSION"


Chart Topping

Single Steven Vitali In Flight

Steven Vitali In Flight - Hit song - Written for the film - Come Fly With US and the Snowbirds.

Steven Vitali’s chart topping song, “IN FLIGHT” is now available. “IN FLIGHT” was also used in performances by the World Famous Canadian Snowbirds flying team.  It was also used in the movie, "Come Fly With Us" and other films.

The Snowbirds were the first aerobatic team in the world to use music in their show…

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In Flight by Steven Vitali - Dedicated to the World Famous Canadian Snowbirds. 

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